Sunday, January 27, 2008

These boots...

...are made for walkin'!

Walking is now officially Sadie's primary mode of transport. She suddenly left crawling behind last Thursday, exactly a week before her birthday. More to come on the birthday soon, just wanted to get this walking video posted before she decides to train for a marathon!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Sadie was 11 months old on Christmas Eve. I can't believe she is almost a year... just a few short weeks away! We have recently been going through photos and printing all of our favorites to fill a collage frame. It has been fun to look back and compare Dylan at the same age. Here he is (with Mom) just a month away from his first birthday. Dylan didn't take steps on his own until several weeks after his birthday. Sadie has been "walking" since New Year's Eve. The quotation marks are because she won't do it without much coaxing and it definately isn't her primary mode of transport yet, but she's ALMOST there. Maybe by her birthday! (She has a few weeks to practice in the secrecy of her dark room and crib!) I promise to post video very soon of her "walking."