Sunday, January 27, 2008

These boots...

...are made for walkin'!

Walking is now officially Sadie's primary mode of transport. She suddenly left crawling behind last Thursday, exactly a week before her birthday. More to come on the birthday soon, just wanted to get this walking video posted before she decides to train for a marathon!

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Berly's Blog said...

Hi Becky!

I did get your comment a while back, but I couldn't find your email to email you back. Unfortunately I cannot read blogs directly and have to go through bloglines, but then I can't comment. Of course I remember you! How are you doing? That is great you had another baby! Your kids are adorable! I was back in AZ in October, but I don't usually have a ton of time as I am always running around to drs appointments and trying to stock up on supplies I can't buy in China. I was also back for my best friend's wedding and was busy with festivities for that. I am will most likely come to AZ this summer for a few days, but I am spending more time in NE with my Dad as his health isn't very good. Jonny has extended his contract for another year, so it looks like we will be in Chengdu at least until June 2009. We still have our house in AZ, so maybe some day we will live in it!

Keep in touch and I will keep reading your blog!

Take care,