Friday, July 25, 2008

Dylan the Diver and Sadie the Swimmer

We finished swimming lessons last week with both of the kids making much more progress in the last 2 weeks than the first two. The community pool where we took lessons has a beach entry, and here are Dylan and Sadie splashing around before class one morning:

Sadie with Daddy in her parent/child class:

Dylan with his teacher, using a kickboard (new skill!) and jumping in from the side (which he could do before taking lessons, but his form is MUCH better now):

This last swimming photo is in our pool at home. I was kind of anti-flotation device before lessons this summer because I had heard that using them can give children a false sense of security in the water. But they had the kids use life vests during lessons to practice some of the kicking and paddling skills that they had worked on. So we don't let Dylan swim with the vest on all the time, but it is really helping him to build his confidence and work on skills. He likes wearing the goggles to keep water out of his eyes and nose. I saw him all decked in his gear and said, "Hey, you look like Scuba Steve!" to which he replied, "No, Silly! I'm Dylan the Diver!" The video shows him doing just that. It is short and cute, so watch it! (And yes, that is a beer in my hand while I am supervising my child in the pool. Don't worry, he's wearing his USCG approved life jacket and there was obviously another adult present. Someone had to be shooting the video, right? Although, said videographer may or may not have been enjoying a beer at the same time!)

Scott is out of town next week, so I may be bored and craving adult-like dialogue enough to actually post again soon! After that, we are off to Kansas and Missouri to visit an aunt, an uncle, a couple of cousins, and grandparents. Check back soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey.. how did you get your kids to love water so much? Brynlee loves it but she isn't anywhere near swimming. Tevin is scared to death of going any deeper than 2 feet. Guess we'll just wait til he's older! Cute pics, the kids look great!

katie said...

Love the new format and the playlist. You need to link my convention blog, too: