Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To BlogHer, Or Not To BlogHer? Is there really any question?

So I registered for BlogHer '09. Yea!, right? But, you know, with the economy the way it is, and spending money on needs, not wants right now, it just seems a little indulgent. I already paid my conference fee, but then there's getting to Chicago, paying for a hotel and having fun while I'm there. I mean, on the one hand it's not like I will ever be the "it" blogger, or write professionally; I don't do any kind of product reviews or look to generate revenue through my blog. It's just a hobby. And I don't know ANYONE who will be there except I read their (amazing) blogs and maybe they will notice me over here in my little corner of the blogosphere waving. Oh yeah, that's me, hi.

And then there's the fact that someone is bound to call IPS (Internet Protective Services) and report my ass for the profound neglect that I have inflicted upon my blog. I mean, how much time do I really spend with it lately? Updating twice a month (if that, recently) isn't exactly quality time. It just took me 3+ hours to catch up reading the blogs I follow. What kind of bloggy friend is that? Jeez, I barely have time as it is for the 27 hours of tivo that I have to watch each week. Who needs to fix dinner and bathe the kids? Mama needs to watch some Must See TV and do her a little blogging! Priorities, people!

On the other hand, my blog is the one creative outlet in an otherwise completely-devoted-to-my-real-responsibilities life. It's getting back to my writing roots, which I foolishly brushed aside somewhere along the way without a second thought at the time. What price do you put on that? At what point does the effort I put into reading blogs that I enjoy and keeping up my own blog cross the line from healthy interest to obsession? And does it warrant a trip to Chicago this summer for BlogHer? (Did I mention my own vacation, by myself, without kids or husband? Yea, me!)

I have always kinda sucked at nurturing friendships in my life. Apparently this goes for any relationship, not just the people kind. My blog life has been suffering since jumping into new responsibilities with a job outside of my home. And I miss my blog life. Even though it's just me over here in my little corner waving sheepishly, it has so much potential. I used to read my faves every day. I was getting to know you. I was less timid about leaving comments, letting you know I was hanging around. But then I started coming around less frequently, and putting myself out there only every once in a while. Who hangs on for that?

It comes down to this: I can sell my conference pass and forget about going to Chicago. No big deal. Maybe next year. Or I can go this year. I can get motivated to nurture my blog relationships and work on connecting with other bloggers. Me being part of the blogging community might not matter to ANYONE else other than myself. Being connected to something greater than oneself is pretty powerful. But is it worth the guilt that this trip might be a little too self-indulgent when times are calling for restraint?

That is the question.


Aimee said...

I vote NURTURE. Your writing flows so smoothly and I love reading it. Sure, you aren't able to update your blog every day, but I do enjoy the posts whenever they are available! I guess you may have to decide what's more important: Blogging or TV (or fill-in-the-blank). Which one gives you the most pleasure? :) Miss you!

becky @ misspriss said...

You should do it. My first year, I didn't know anyone either. And it was my hobby, too. Now, writing is my business (although my personal blog really isn't). I'll be going without my kid and it'll be my first trip away from him.

Sometimes, I think we have to do things for ourselves. You know? And you can save costs by finding a roomie. I believe there's a place on BlogHer for that.

If you decide to sell your ticket, let Lori (the conference mgr) know and she can match you with someone who'll want it. But I really hope you make it. And if you see me and recognize my nametag, please say hello. People are so gracious when you come up to them, even when you don't know them face-to-face.

Amy H said...

I stalk a lot of blogs of people who are going. It really looks like fun! If I didn't take a more than 50% pay cut this year, I would say I would go with you!!!!
I say go if you can!

katie said...

You are earning your keep now... I say go!

Little Girl Big Glasses said...

You should go, and don't feel guilty. Maybe it's the thing that will inspire you to nuture the blog and turn it into something bigger...or maybe it will make you love it just the way it is - a nice friend who doesn't mind if you ignore it for a couple of days. Just go.

Little Girl Big Glasses said...

Okay - I STILL think you should go - but just in case you decide not to, here's someone looking for a ticket.

You asked if I've been, and NOPE. A year ago I didn't even know what it was! I'd like to someday, but right now there's sooo many other ways to spend that money. :-)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Self-indulge! Self-Indulge!!!!

Go to BlogHer!