Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear Selection Committee:

I am just writing to let you know that my Mother-Of-The-Year application will be mailed a bit late this year. I have a perfectly legitimate reason, so please hear me out and consider my candidacy for this prestigious award to continue in good standing, in spite of the tardiness.

As I was diligently preparing my application, I heard cries from the backyard. I rushed out to see that my child, while playing unsupervised on perfectly safe and properly employed climbing equipment had injured himself in some sort of fall. He was clearly in pain and needed tending to, so I was unable to complete my application at that time. I put it aside and planned to finish it later in the day when he could once again play unsupervised.

After complaining and wincing on and off in pain for the rest of the day, he went to bed for what would prove a fitful night of non-sleeping for both of us. Since his arm was significantly more swollen and painful when we got up Sunday morning, I prioritized a 3+ hour (I know, it could have been much worse!) trip to the ER over filling out the application. A fracture was diagnosed, but now that he's on the mend and things are calming down around here, I will be able to complete the proper forms and get them in the mail promptly.

Now I must sign off to get this letter in the mail to you before the postmarking deadline. The kids should be fine alone in the bathtub while I run down the street to the mailbox. I sure hope they are scrubbed and clean by the time I get back. I'm sure a mom wouldn't even be considered for Mother-Of-The-Year if she sent her kids to pre-school with grime behind their ears!

By the way, despite what it says in the contest rules' fine print about being disqualified if an injurious accident occurs while under the applicant's direct supervision, I would like to point out that my son clearly was not under my direct supervision at the time of the incident, so that shouldn't affect my chances at all.

Thank you, and please expect my forthcoming contest paperwork soon. I look forward to hearing from you.

Very Sincerely Yours,

The next MOTY

Photos to help plead my case:

Kudos to the mother of the creative genius that rigged this clever climbing apparatus. She should win hands down for inspiring such industry in her offspring.

Surely I should earn bonus points for the smile on his face, indicating that he is clearly unaffected by this minor little incident.

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momumo said...

I love this -- I felt the same way so many times when my children were younger -- and if it takes out the sting any, I too put a child to bed with a broken bone, collar bone to be exact, and when it happened the family doctor assured us by telephone that if it were broken she would be unable to lift her arm above her head, which she clearly could do!