Saturday, November 3, 2007

Li'l Pumpkins

Dylan's nana got him this orange pumpkin creeper which he wore for his first Halloween. At the time he was 6 weeks younger than Sadie is now. We put her in the same jammies this Halloween and compared pictures we had taken of Dylan 2 years ago. Dylan is in the photo on the left with the jack-o-lantern and Sadie is in Daddy's chair on the right. (And then there's Dylan now lovin' on his little sister and happy to make her smile!)

It is amazing to me to look at what Sadie can do now and realize how much and how fast I have forgotten about when Dylan was that small, just 2 years ago (because look at all HE can do now!). These last 3 photos are of Dylan, showing us some things that he has since passed along to his little sister. She is now enjoying his Sesame Street activity center that Santa brought his first Christmas and his big red car. (She pulls herself up to standing on both toys and dances along with the music that they play!) She has this way of holding her feet with her toes all curled up that is so cute I can hardly bear to put socks on her. I did not remember that Dylan had done the same thing. (See how the toes of his right foot are all curled cute around that pumpkin? Would you cover that with socks?!!) Everyday of watching them both grow is such a great adventure...I can't wait for tomorrow!

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