Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tricker Treatin'

I know it has been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Sorry to leave you hanging! Since today is Halloween, I have some great photos of my little trick-or-treaters to share. We have really been looking forward to today because this year Dylan is actually aware of what is going on. As decorations began appearing in stores and on neighborhood houses, he would talk about it being Halloween time. He decided on his own costume and helped us choose what Sadie should be (a ladybug since we always call her "Sadiebug"). Whenever we practiced what he would say as he knocked on doors to ask for candy, he would say, "Tricker treatin'!" Here they are, getting ready to head out for the big adventure and showing off their costumes for the camera. Sadie thinks she needs her big brother's hat but he's not so sure!

We baked and decorated pumpkin shaped sugar cookies with our day care friends today. Dylan was enjoying some serious frosting!


Auntie Diane said...

What great costumes. Sadie looks so cute in her buggie outfit. And Dylan you are my hero... 'a fireman'!! I can't wait to show my friends how great you all look!!

Anonymous said...

Becky how funny that both of our boys were fireman! :) I never realized how fun having kids could be until I experienced the true excitement of my own little guy as he figured out what Halloween is all about! Christmas will be a lot of fun this year too!!