Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's Winter!

Not even close, but at least it is beginning to feel like what we could consider fall weather in Phoenix. Now that we can actually tolerate being outside for any length of time, Dylan, Sadie and I head out for a walk most afternoons around the neighborhood. I took this picture after we got home the other day and I had to snap it really fast before Sadie took off her glasses. Dylan had asked for his sunglasses before we left the house and I remembered that I had bought a pair for Sadie a while back. So I put them on her when we got in the sun and she actually left them on for most of the walk. She was absolutely over them, though, by the time we got back home, but I wanted a picture of her wearing them, so here it is. Dylan loves his because they are just like Daddy's.

So as you gaze upon the photo of my sunglass wearing, t-shirt and shorts clad children, you know that the weather was not the inspiration for the title of this post. I was amazed by something that Dylan pointed out as we were on our walk this day. We were going past a neighbor's home whose yard is covered in white gravel. (You know, the 1970's "desert" landscape look with the border of maroon lava rock.) Dylan saw the yard and said, "It's winter time!" Not, "Look, it's snow." No, he saw the white stuff on the ground and said,"It's winter time." Now I don't have low expectations for my children, but don't you think that's quite an inference for a two year old who has seen snow maybe 3 times in his life and who can't possibly remember the last time he was cold? We live in Phoenix! There is never snow on the ground here. It never feels like winter here. Does anyone know where I could get a MENSA application?

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