Thursday, October 18, 2007

All Business

According to my mom, when she was raising her kids, it was frowned upon to have children still in diapers after 18 months. Now days all the books tell you that before 30-36 months is too early for potty training. (especially boys!) Either way, we are so ready to downgrade to a 1-kid-in-diapers household, so a few months ago we started "practicing" using the potty every day, hoping that Dylan (almost 32 months) would begin showing signs of readiness to use it on his own. It went okay for a while, especially because we got lucky enough the first couple of days to time potty practice so that he actually pee'd while he was sitting there! The excitement of that soon wore off, along with any other incentives we could come up with to motivate him. It became such a battle to get him to sit on the potty that we decided he wasn't ready and so tabled all potty discussion for a while. It also hasn't helped that he is still in either diapers or pull ups, which don't help him feel a need to go on the potty.

Well, my day care kids are off this week, and we've had time to work on potty training and deal with accidents. So we have ditched the diapers except for at nap and bed time and if we've had to leave the house to run errands. This of course is perfectly timed with all of us sharing one bathroom, and having our water shut off for hours at a time all week due to our plumbing being redone throughout the house. Oh well.

Here is my summary of this week's progress so far:

Trips to the store to pick out big boy underpants: 3
Loads of laundry to wash soiled big boy underpants: 7
Gummy bears eaten as a reward for sitting on the potty: too many
Dylan saying, "I go sit on potty, I pee in potty": priceless

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