Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sledgehammer Girl

Do you ever watch those home improvement shows and secretly wish you could be that homeowner who takes a sledgehammer to everything in sight and then starts over from scratch? Our house was built in 1959 and although it is charming in a way that new construction homes could never be, it is far from pristine vintage. So we get to be those sledgehammering homeowners this weekend, at least in the (mostly original, yet surprisingly uncharming) master bathroom! (Yea!!) Here are some before pictures to show why:

This one shows a little demo already begun by water damage from a leaky shower. The baseboard an plaster have been crumbling off the wall. If you look really close you can see the grodiness that used to be grout around the base of the shower door. Oh, and lovely vinyl flooring.

We recently had a glass block window removed from the room and replaced with an energy efficient one. You can see the damage to the plaster around the window frame, and also more grodiness on the shower stall.

Here is another view of the dilapidated, dated (as opposed to pristine vintage) tile work and the teeny sink that Scott and I share.

All of this loveliness will be GONE this weekend. And I get to be Sledgehammer Girl! I hope I don't get carried away and forget about the new window!

Here is a shot of the tiny bathroom (which is also on the sledgehammer's hit list, but for a later date) that the 4 of us will be sharing during the remodeling; blow up baby tub, toys, potty training accessories, and all. We will keep you posted with during and after photos (sure to include at least one of me wielding, yes, a sledgehammer).

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