Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Secret Life of Sadie

I think that Sadie lives a secret life in the privacy of her bedroom when she knows that no one is watching. Today I put her down for a nap (for which she normally goes right to sleep) but I heard way too much happy baby noise coming from the bedroom. This is what I saw when I looked in on her:
Yep, she is sitting up in her crib. Keep in mind that I put her in there laying down and she has yet to get herself into sitting position on her own in public view. So I laid her back down and left her to nap, but not without spying on her through the crack in the door. Do you think she let me see her do it again? Nope! Yet a few minutes later more happy baby noises and sitting baby. This went on for quite some time before both of her naps today, during which time I didn't once actually see her sit on her own, just found her sitting and most times struggling to get her legs unstuck from between the crib bars.

The other thing that I think Sadie does secretly is crawl in her crib. She is still not doing much more (in public) than a belly scoot, but many times I have encountered her in the morning or after a nap up on her hands and knees with a "you caught me" smile on her face.
Maybe she is practicing her moves in private so that she can dazzle us with her strength and agility when we are least expecting it. Here is proof that she actually could get up onto her knees in a crawling position. She must have tired herself out mid-practice session and fallen asleep right in the middle of it.

Anyway, the crib mattress has now been moved to its lowest position in case she decides to work on pulling herself up to standing soon. I wonder what else she isn't letting us know yet that she can do.

Goooooooooo Diamondbacks!!!!!!!!!!

And for Grandma & Poppa in MO... Wow! 48 years!! Happy Anniversary!

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