Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sleepover, Part 2

Yesterday Sam and Hannah spent the night as the reciprocal part of Dylan and Sadie sleeping over at their house last weekend. Here are the boys this morning thoroughly engrossed in something on TV. It actually was a pretty rough night of sleep for a few of us, but not for Sam and Hannah. Dylan woke up crying at about midnight and after 10 minutes of trying to calm him in his room, I finally brought him into our room, where he ended up falling asleep. Sam and Hannah were sleeping in his room and were apparently unfazed by the racket. (This morning they claimed to have not heard a thing!) I read a study once that had something to do with alarms sounding in the middle of the night (ie. a smoke detector) and kids sleeping right through the noise, but waking instantly to the voice of a parent. I guess you can add the sound of a 2 year old waking and crying in fright for over 10 minutes to the list of noises that WON'T wake children. So Dylan (who hasn't spent the night in our room once since he was a 6 week old infant) ended his sleepover in our bed, while I ended mine on the couch. Who knew a two year old could actually kick me out of my own bed? He is quite the wild sleeper.

Later today, Dylan was "helping" me unload the dishwasher, and headed outside for some BP with his new found bat and helmet. All in all, Dylan and Sadie had a great day with their cousins and we hope Titi and Big Guy had some good time for themselves!

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