Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sleepover! (or date night for Mom & Dad)

Sadie had her first sleepover last night, and for Dylan it was the first for quite a while (I think since before Sadie was born!). They stayed over at Katie and Pat's (Titi & Uncle Big Guy) with their cousins Sam & Hannah. Sadie actually DIDN'T cry (she seems to be going through a phase of separation anxiety lately) when we left and Dylan had fun hanging out with his cousins, watching a movie, and staying up a little late like a big kid. Scott and I got to have dinner at a restaurant with a wait to get a table, hang out in the bar and talk while waiting, and take our time eating. We actually stayed out past 10:00pm (I know, that still seems a little early), but the most important part of the sleepover is that we were still in bed sleeping at 8:00am this morning!!! Thanks for taking care of our kiddos so we could have some grownup time, Hobbs-Goodman family!

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog, it's so fun! Glad you were able to enjoy a fun time out together. I'm sad to say that Bryn still has not had a sleepover but I figure as soon as she weans (probably around a year) then Darren and I will take advantage of Gammy K (my mom). :)