Monday, September 24, 2007

A Day of Anniversaries

Sadie is 8 months old today! Happy Month-a-versary!! We celebrated with lasagna dinner (as you can see by the sauce on Dylan's face) and chocolate chip cookies. Sadie had bananas with rice cereal and a teething biscuit. I guess the celebration was tastier for us, but she doesn't look like she minds too much! Here are couple more pics of our little bug just being cute and acting like an 8 month old!

This past week she has begun to act like she could crawl any day now! She scoots around the floor like a marine, but she hasn't quite gotten up on her knees and really moved yet. I will get some video of her "crawling" on here soon.

The other anniversary of the day is my dad. Happy Birthday Grandpa! Our whole family celebrated yesterday having breakfast together. Out of respect for the elderly, I won't tell you his age, but he was 30 when I was born, so if you know when my birthday is, you know how old he is today!

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Anonymous said...

I love the little bug; she definitely looks like a happy girl! Bryn did the same marine moves before she started crawling.. I think it looks like they're swimming across the floor! Fun stuff!