Saturday, December 29, 2007

A December to Remember

Where has the time gone? Another year is almost over. Dylan will be three before we know it, but not before his little sister turns 1! This time last year we were settling down from the holidays, getting Dylan ready to move into his new room and a big boy bed. Here he is a year ago, sleeping in that bed for the first night. Our life was busy getting things ready for a new baby that we didn't even know yet. Now none of us can imagine our life without her!

This month has been all about firsts for both of the kids. Of course, it was Sadie's first Christmas, first visit to Santa, first tree, first stocking, presents, all of that stuff. For Dylan, I think it was the first Christmas that he will really have memories of.

Here he is on Christmas Eve at Nana's house with all of his Arizona cousins: Lilee (4), Hannah (5), Felisya (8), and Sam (9).
Sadie was not happy about the idea of a group photo but was content to show off her holiday duds while sitting on Mom's lap and taking in all of the activity.

Here they both are on Christmas morning enjoying the spoils. Dylan is dorked out as Diego, animal rescuer (thanks, Hannah!) and in some safety goggles that came with a power saw that Sadie picked out for him. Sadie just watches and laughs from the big red wagon that Nana and Grandpa got them both.

This last photo is of Dylan and Sadie enjoying the shower in our nearly completed master bath. It was taken the day before the glass surround was installed. (It's gorgeous and makes it look like a real grown-ups bathroom!) We are just waiting for the vanity cabinet to arrive any day now and we will have our bathroom back! Scott finished the painting and re-installed the toilet. Last night was the first time since mid-October that I have been able to get up in the middle of the night and not have to go all the way down the hall to use the restroom! (Happy Birthday to me!) I promise to post great after pictures when it is all done (even though I also promised to post demo and construction photos, which I haven't. I will do one big remodel post when everything is in.)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Becky, you look INCREDIBLE!! Looks like you lost all your baby weight and then some. Woo woo! ;) Glad you had a great Christmas! We sure missed you when we were in Phx but thought of you and hope we can make a playdate the next time we're there (hopefully March or April).