Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Walkin' After Midnight (and other family updates)

If you are reading this now, I guess that you check in from time to time, so you have probably missed us. We're still here! I didn't realize that it had already been a month since posting! There is the "just too much other stuff going on to make the time" excuse. We were fortunate enough to have Dylan and Sadie's grandparents visiting us from Missouri this past week. We had a great visit with them, wish it could have been longer, and hope that had a safe journey home. We hope to see you again soon, Grandma and Poppa!

The other excuse I have for waiting so long to post since last time is this: When I first began blogging, everything that happened during the day became a post title and a story brewing in my head until I could get to the computer to dump photos and blog. Maybe the novelty of blogging has worn off a little because I stopped thinking up titles and stories for new posts as I went about my days. As more time passed between posts, more pressure mounted to come up with a new entry. I guess that I was inspired the other day to create a new post as I spied on Secret Sadie in her crib through the crack of the door. At about 3:00am I heard her in her room (not crying, just babbling). I went to peek in on her to see if she would need coaxing back to sleep. I saw her standing in the middle of her crib, not holding on to any of the rails, and rocking back and forth on her feet. She did this for a few seconds as I spyed, then promptly grabbed her binky and snuggle bunny and settled back down to sleep. She must have been inspired by her dreams to get a little stepping practice in. If you have read any other Secret Sadie posts, then you have probably guessed that this was more stepping than we have actually seen in public. This photo of Sadie is not of her walking in her crib, but actually taking an unassisted step toward Scott with the camera! She has taken steps on her own several times (only one at a time before she resorts to crawling), and she can stand without holding on to anything for many seconds at a time. She will definately be walking before Dylan did! I have to admit that I will be secretly sad to see her give up crawling. I cannot get enough of watching her cute little butt wiggle from side to side as she (very speedily) crawls around.

Here are some other cute, recent photos. The first is Sadie after eating her favorite breakfast (to eat and rub into her hair) of Cheerios and yogurt. Her hair was absolutely covered in yogurt and this was after my attempt to wipe some of it away with a damp washcloth.

Next are Dylan and Sadie enjoying a shampoo and some styling in a recent bath.

Sunday was Scott's birthday, and one of his gifts was a Kansas Jayhawks t-shirt and one for each of the kids. Here they are enjoying his gift.

I know this is already a long post but I have one last, GREAT update! We are officially a 1-kid-in-diapers household! Dylan is in BIG BOY underpants all the time (except he does wear pull ups at night but they are always dry in the morning). He has had only 1 accident in over a month! YEA!!!


Anonymous said...

Gosh I had been wondering what became of the Bug and Munch Bunch... What a fun surprise to read your new post this morning! It is funny you are writing about Sadie taking steps... although Bryn is 3 months older, she is doing the very same thing right now! I cannot report the same for Tevin in regards to the potty progress, but we're not pushing anything because I know that makes it harder. Anyway, we miss you guys! We'll be in town 12/28 - 1/4 so maybe we can see you for a little bit one of those mornings. Merry Christmas!

StarStar said...

Wait when did she get so big! I can't believe what a cute person she is becoming......Oh and tell Dylan way to go, he is so awesome. Also check out my blog I am going to try to actually use it instead of just pretending, www.flipflopfeet.blogspot.com. Yay! Miss you guys! Aloha!