Thursday, February 28, 2008

Before and After

I couldn't take it anymore. I had to do something about it today. Sadie is going through her little life developing a distorted sense of sight because of the hair constantly in front of her eyes. She used to let me clip it back with little barrettes (as you can see in many photos in previous posts) but she recently discovered that those little barrettes are always there and if she is persistent enough they will come out and make nice little tidbits for her to chew on. So no more barrettes. (Beauty and, more importantly, normal visual development are NOT worth a call to 911.) This before picture is not an exaggeration. That is really how her hair just is all the time and I have been unable to do anything to get it out of her face now that she has decided to make snacks of her clips. So Sadie needed bangs which made today first haircut day.

It also had to be today because Scott is out of town until tomorrow, and he has voiced objections to the idea of cutting her hair. I knew he would talk me out of it if I waited until he was back, and I would still be going crazy over that hair in that cute face. I may have jeopardized my marriage, but what's done is done and I don't regret it. This after photo was the only one I was able to get today. I know you don't get the whole effect because of the dark background so you can't see all of her hair. I REALLY only let them cut her bangs! She can see me, I can see her, no harm done, right? We'll see what dad says when he gets home tomorrow! How could he not love that bang-framed face?!!

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Anonymous said...

I think she looks ADORABLE with her new haircut! A bit grown up, but she's going to do that anyway, so why not enjoy her cute face!?