Sunday, March 23, 2008

Three Rocks!

As per my apparent blogging tradition, it is now significantly past Dylan's birthday and I am just getting around to posting some pictures and letting you know how we celebrated being 3 years old! Here he is trying to make his hand say "three." Dylan's birthday was on a Saturday this year, so the day before, he had cupcakes to celebrate with his day care friends. He had told me months in advance that they had to be firefighter related so this is what I came up with: orangy firey frosting with flames cut out of fruit roll up and each cupcake had a helmet, hydrant, or engine on it.

Here he is enjoying his cupcake after blowing out the candles. All of the kids wore red fire helmet party hats.

Sadie liked the cupcakes too!

On Saturday, Dylan opened his presents. Here is what ROCKS about his third birthday: I was over the moon about Dylan turning 2. He could talk about it being his birthday, he knew how to blow out the candles, he was excited about opening presents, basically he knew that the day was all about him. AND he was very into the Wiggles at the time and they just happened to be in town for a concert on the day of his birthday. So of course we went, and at the time I remember thinking that it would be hard to come by another event that could top how I felt at witnessing the pure joy he expressed in the moment that they took the stage in that big red car. It was pretty incredible.

Anyway, fast forward to opening presents on the morning of his third birthday. He kept reaching for a particular package (a rescue vehicle that he had seen while shopping with me a few weeks before). I wanted him to wait and open it last because I was pretty sure that when he saw it he would lose interest in any other gifts still waiting to be opened. So he finally gets to open it and I am pretty sure that the gratification I felt at his reaction was pretty close to when the Wiggles took the stage last year. He exclaimed with pure joy, "I ASKED FOR THIS!!! I WANTED IT AND YOU GOT IT FOR ME MOM!!!" If it is possible, I think I was happier than he was. Here he is below, enjoying his new favorite toy, and also a really cool retro tricycle that his Grandma and Poppa got for him.

P.S. I can't say I got in trouble, though I wouldn't say Scott was happy about Sadie's first haircut. Her hair is now long enough to put in little pigtails, which you can kind of see in this not great photo. But you get the idea. He can't stop staring at Sadie in pigtails which are only enhanced by her bangs. So I have redeemed myself, for now!

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