Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Um, progress?

Because I know you are dying to ask, this is how potty training is progressing in our household. As the polls stand now, staying in diapers and waging the changing battle multiple times a day while continuing to polute the earth is up about 15 gazillion points to nothing for continuing potty training.


Um, help?


katie said...

Wait until she turns 2.

Catherine said...

Hmmm...Maybe she's just not quite ready. Monkey is only 13 months and I am already dreaming of a potty trained little girl, so I can only imagine how your feeling. Maybe a couple of cloth diapers could get you through w/out throwing away diapers until she is ready?

Marin said...

She will surprise you. When you least expect it, she will be all trained. She will figure it out when she is ready. A wise woman once told don't see a high schooler who isn't potty trained. So take that as comfort (heh...).

I thought my youngest would never be trained. I thought he would be the high schooler in diapers. But, believe it or not, he now wears underpants. (ok, he is 8)