Thursday, November 13, 2008

The cutest school pictures EVER!

Okay, I may be slightly biased, but I think it's a keeper! Looking at this photo of Dylan in all of his school-boy handsomeness, it is hard to believe that a mere four years ago, this little human was known only by my bulging uterus. And thinking back to how apprehensive I was about the transition to school a few short months ago, it is amazing how much he loves it and we couldn't imagine our lives without being part of his school community.
His teacher, on the other hand, will not be too happy about my having posted this photo:
I told her it is a great class photo and she should be honored that it will be viewed on my blog. Except for Dylan's Chandler Bingish smile. Oh, and maybe the blond kid having to be held in place by the teacher with the "get this over with now" smile on her face. Well, maybe too the girl apparently bored nearly to tears by the whole experience. Now that you mention it, the other boy kinda looks ready to get up and run away, too. But to me it's the best possible picture. That's them; all of their three-year-oldness captured for that moment in time. My little boy's first class picture!


Audrey said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow he looks so much like Scott in that picture! :)

Carolyn...Online said...

I love looking back on little people in school pictures. And I'm glad I don't have to be in them as the adult. Eeks.

meili_lo said...

hi there... he is a handsome young man =D

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Jen @ caterpillars soy candles said...

Aww... so sweet! Little boys are the best!