Monday, August 11, 2008

One more sleep until...

As I post this, Dylan is tucked into bed asleep. Tomorrow is his first day of preschool. He has no idea that tomorrow will be different from any other day. We've visited the school before, and met his teacher. I don't think he distinguishes "going to school" from any of these previous visits. Since he doesn't really know what "going to school" entails or anything about those first day jitters, I am feeling them for him. I am excited for this big step in his little life, and proud and (more than) a little bit nervous. Really, I just hope he likes going to school. Because isn't that all a parent should wish for their child? That they grow up happy? Sweet dreams, little boy!

(I must give credit to Dylan's teacher for the title of this post. When we met her, she told him, "Four more sleeps until you come back to school." I hadn't thought of communicating the passing of days in this way before and it makes way more sense than telling a three year old, "tomorrow" or "in a few days." Thanks Mrs. V. We are really looking forward to the school year! Here's a link to her blog, Diary of a Preschool Teacher, if you care to read and know why we think he's going to have an outstanding school experience!)

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