Friday, August 8, 2008

Boating, anyone?

We just got back from a week in the Midwest visiting Scott's family. Unfortunately, we didn't unpack the camera until the last day of our trip, so these are among the very few photos that we actually took.

Dylan and Sadie enjoy the view of Lake of the Ozarks from the deck at Grandma and Poppa's:

And a view from the boat:

Can I tell you how much Sadie loves wearing her life vest?

These are probably the last photos that we will have of Dylan and Sadie at the Williams' lovely lakeside home. They have decided to move inland and have their house on the market, so this was a pretty nostalgic trip for us. A couple of happy side notes to Grandma and Poppa's new venture:

First, their new home will border a golf course, so Poppa will never be more than a stone's throw from a round of his favorite pastime.

Second, we are soon to acquire the boat pictured above. In their infinite generosity, Scott's parents have offered to sell us this gently used water craft in pristine condition for a very fair family discount price. Scott will be travelling back soon to haul it home. I have a feeling we are about to discover friends that we never knew we had!

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katie said...

Hey, so when can we go out on the boat?