Tuesday, August 12, 2008

School Boy

In preparation for Dylan's first day of school, Scott finished his desk and it was waiting for him in his bedroom when he woke up this morning. It is a vintage school desk which was mine growing up. We repainted it and replaced some of the wood. Now it will be Dylan's. He already has the compartment loaded up with stuff.

Ready to go. "How do I look?"

Here, Dylan is playing on the playground before school with some of his new classmates.
He is pretty over the moon about all of the construction related toys, especially this one below. It has a scooper for the sand that he can control with the levers.
Mrs. V. did an outstanding job of convincing the kids that it was time to leave constructionland behind and go into the classroom.

Lined up for counting practice. Let's make sure everyone's here.

Rarin' to go, he was the first one in!
So I didn't cry. Well, I might have teared up just a little bit. And maybe I was a little too choked up to say good-bye. After the kids went inside, Mrs. V did an equally outstanding job of convincing the parents that it would be easiest if this was now good-bye, although we were more than welcome to hang out in the room if we wanted too. So I poked my head in the door to tell Dylan that I'd be back in a while to get him, and to have a great day. He was fine. He didn't need me to reassure him. So I cried, just a little bit. And that's it. The only very first day of school that he will ever have, ever. And it was perfect. Because he can't wait to go back. Which is all that I had hoped for.
(Edit Wed a.m.) I woke up this morning and found an email from Dylan's teacher. Enclosed was this picture that she took of him enjoying playdough. It was so nice of her to send the photo, even though I think she might not like us very much right now. Apparently, at some point during the day Dylan asked her when she was going to play her loud guitar for them. So she wants to know where he got the idea that she would be playing a loud guitar for her students. I guess when Scott has a discussion with his son about possible school activities, including music time, he shouldn't say, "Maybe so, you should ask her," when asked by his 3-year-old if his teacher would play a guitar during music time. Although we sincerely appreciate her efforts to rise to any challenge presented by her students, I hope Mrs. V wasn't up too late scouring the community class schedule looking for guitar lessons!


Marin said...

Mrs. V. thought it was awesome that Dylan wanted her to play guitar. Maybe his request will be just what she needs to get her to actually take those guitar lessons she has been wanting to take for so long....

Anonymous said...

Oh Beck.... even I cried just thinking about a little boy on his first day of school..... :) I'm so excited for Dylan! We'll be posting pictures soon of Tevin on his first day (the Wednesday after Labor Day). SOOO fun!