Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Acts of Sadieness

Going through my August photos, I found many, many faces of Sadie. So this post is a showcase of everything that is her. Few words are needed. (Maybe queue up song #2 on the playlist?)

Mornin' sunshine!

MYYYYYY Ice Cream!!!

I didn't do it!!
Future career?

You be quiet! It IS a cute hat!!

If you love my attitude now Mom, just wait until I'm 13!!

Mommy, PLEEEEEASE let me out!!

I love my big brother!

1 comment:

DCD said...

Love these pics! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, makes it all worth while.

Sadie is totally adorable, as is her big brother. Here's hoping they all won't be total hooligans come 13!!