Sunday, August 24, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

I know what you're thinking. And you would be right. Not my kids. Don't even know who they are. I found this photo when I googled "Tempe Marketplace Splash Pad." Because I don't have any pictures of my own kids playing there. Not for a lack of trying. If mom-of-the-year was awarded on effort alone, I would hands down win in the category of taking my kids to the splash pad to play in the water. But we go, and we go, and we go, clad in swimsuits, slathered in sunblock, bag full of towels and dry clothes, fully prepared to get soaked. And my kids have yet to actually get wet in these fountains. (Okay, that isn't entirely true. They did play there once, but that wasn't why we had gone there in the first place and I wasn't prepared with towels and extra clothes. So I was a little grouchy about it and didn't let them experience the splashiness in its entirety. And another time that we had gone prepared, we waited around for so long to actually get to play that they were over it before they got wet.) If I didn't know better I would say that someone is conspiring against me.
A little background, in case you have never been to the Marketplace and have no idea what I am talking about. Tempe Marketplace opened last fall and is this hip, urban shopping, dining, entertainment destination. There is a fabulous outdoor courtyard area between shops and restaurants and a movie theater that is great just to browse and walk around in. There are a million things to keep curious toddlers entertained for hours, even without the splash pad. Bonus for me, there are misters everywhere and it is cool and shady throughout the courtyard, so it always feels like it is at least 20 degrees cooler than the actual outside temperature. Plus the splash pad is surrounded by umbrellaed tables and shaded couches. So the first time we meandered through there last October or so I remember thinking that it would be a great place to bring the kids all summer when we get bored and stir crazy in the house because it's too blazing hot to do anything outdoors.
Enter the heat and the many trips to the Marketplace Splash Pad. Since June, I figure we have headed over there with the sole purpose of splashing and cooling off 8-10 random different times. And not one of those times did that happen. You are going to think that I am exaggerating, because, how is it possible? (Unless, of course, someone is plotting against me.) But I kid you not: Every single time that we have gone to play at the splash pad, we have found it strewn with tools and repair guy. No water. No splashing. No playing. No cooling off. Just fixing. And watching repair guy fix. (Or not fix, really. Because the place isn't that old. How much fixing can a less than 1 year old fountain need? And 8-10 random times? Obviously it never got fixed in the first place. Because what are the odds that all summer long I happened to venture over there on the only days that it ever needed repair? Unless, of course, someone is plotting against me.)
So for next time, could the people over at Tempe Marketplace please include me in the distribution list for the memo containing the repair schedule? So I don't get my kids all hyped up only to have their hopes dashed against the soft, spongy, dry, splash pad surface? Because even though it is a hip, urban, misty, shady, cooler than outside surface to be dashed upon, it's still not fun to watch repair guy every time. Or to try to explain why, once again, there will be no water fun today, to a 1 and 3 year old.
And if you're planning to hook up for a play date with us any time soon, you might want to double check I got that memo before you mention splash pad at Marketplace. Because if we do plan to head over there on any random day, I will apparently, through no effort of my own, jinx the playing potential.
Lastly, to the beings that conspire against me: Even though you have thwarted our every attempt for fun at the splash pad, you still can't take away the points I've earned trying!

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