Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I know that I have not posted to my blog for *aack* nearly two weeks, so I do not deserve any feedback whatsoever. But help a girl out and maybe I will feel encouraged to stick to my resolution of blogging more consistently!

I am probably setting myself up for some sort of catastrophic adolescence with my daughter here, but so far I consider myself lucky as the mom of a little girl who lets me indulge in girly things with her. She is all about playing with my make up brushes as she watches me get ready in the mornings, putting on "lipstick" (I swear I only let her use clear balm. REALLY!), letting me paint her little toenails pink, and wearing my heels (the one pair I actually own) around the house. And oh, her hair. She is all about the hair. If I don't make a move to get out the comb and the case full of hair doodads as we are getting dressed each day, SHE WILL REMIND ME. She asks me to put styling products in it. She wants barrettes and rubber bands all over. She lets me do whatever I want to her hair. I have put curlers in it to make her a Shirley Temple look-a-like. I even get to french braid it. She sits still the whole time and asks me for more.

The problem is, I desperately want to cut her hair. She's had one haircut, about a year ago, and just the bangs. Now her bangs are grown out to chin length. I really want to get all of her fine baby ends chopped off and have all of it cut to the length of her old bangs.

I thought the hard part would be convincing Scott to let me get her hair cut short. He's on board, so I called and made an appointment for later this week, before he can change his mind. Now I'm the one who's having a little remorse. Is shorter, easier hair going to "cure" her of wanting me to style it in cute, girly ways?

Anyway, I am posting a couple of celebrity kid styles for you to help me choose:

We can go with the Suri Cruz look, with bangs. Personally, I am not a fan of the bangs. I think they are to die for on girls like Suri with thick, glossy hair. Not so much on fine, mousy haired girls like my Sadie. The reason her hair is two different lengths in the first place and making me crazy is because I had bangs cut on her which I later didn't like and wanted grown out.

The second option is to go with this very chic Dakota Fanning; the bob with no bangs.

The third option is the easiest, but possibly very dangerous. Easy, because I would just leave her hair the way it is and keep doing what I am doing, but dangerous because it might make me so insane that I would have to sneak into her bedroom one night and snip it off myself.

I think we'll go with option 1 or 2. It is almost her birthday, and she should have a cute, sassy new look to go with her new age, no? Besides, there's always pink nail polish and lipstick. Either way, I will be sure to post "after" pics. The appointment is Thursday, so check back!


katie said...

Definately Dakota Fanning.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Katie on the Dakota cut. You have to check out Felisya, she just had her hair cut this last weekend and it is a totaly cute, VERY short bob, it looks adorable! Plus if you cut it and don't like it, it will always grow back.

Anonymous said...

I like the dakota look too...bobs are great...and you can still put in all the barettes and such that she will want as well as curl on occaision.

Mom on the Run said...

I'm not a hair person, but have two daughters who have definite opinions on their hair. If you have your daughter's haircut she will continue to want a style. I would suggest a style that is short enough to be manageable, but long enough to still do styling. Best of both worlds.